What is SNAG Golf?
SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is an activity and game for all ages and abilities indoors or outdoors. SNAG is Safe, Easy and Fun! All year round! SNAG is played by Children, Students, Families, Seniors and Special Needs individuals SNAG is taught by any Parent, School Teacher, Rec Tech or volunteer. SNAG is Played in school gymnasiums, class rooms, hallways, auditoriums, theaters, or outdoors on any surface: grass, dirt, gravel, sand, turf. In the snow, rain, frost or sun.

SNAG Golf Canada

Contact: David Shein

Phone: (604)781-1476

E-mail: david @ snagcanada.  com

Web: www.snagcanada.com and www.snagpros.com

SNAG is fully endorsed as the official ‘first touch equipment and program” of the PGA’s of Europe the parent organization of the PGA of Canada. See the endorsement on the Home Page of the PGA of Europe web site: http://www.pgae.com/

SNAG has been the “Official Supplier of First Touch Golf Equipment” to The First Tee National School Program since 2004.  Click here to see The First Tee video.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3GmgFJwULw

Explored, Planned, Piloted and Recommended by the NRPA, the largest member of the USGA and the largest employer of PGA’s. President and CEO Video Endorsement. See the endorsement video here: http://www.snaggolf.com/blog/102794/7622/

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