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Kindergarten to Grade 12. 3 sizes U7-U12,13+:
Advanced Education: National Certified Instructor Training and Sport Development
English,French,Other Languages, Online and Multimedia.

SNAG School PE Programmes (k-2, 3-5, 7-12) Curriculum and Lesson Plans
SNAG After School Programmes (and Leagues)
SNAG School Tournaments and Fundraising

SNAG School Golf and Physical Education Programme Introduction:
SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is an activity and game for all ages and abilities indoors or outdoors. SNAG is Safe, Easy and Fun! All year round! SNAG is played by Children, Students, Families, Seniors and Special Needs individuals SNAG is taught by any Parent, School Teacher, Rec Tech or volunteer. SNAG is Played in school gymnasiums, class rooms, hallways, auditoriums, theatres, or outdoors on any surface: grass, dirt, gravel, sand, turf. In the snow, rain, frost or sun.

This information is intended for Canadian School Teachers, PE Specialists, Administrators, Education Committee members and Parent Advisory Committees that are considering the choice of: “The SNAG PE K-12 International Golf in Schools Programme” used by leading golf countries and school districts around the world. Your school can play a “virtual” golf match both on your soccer field and online using the latest social networking technologies”.

The SNAG Golf Mission:
“To get people physically active by introducing them to golf in a fun and easy way that encourages a lifetime of positive experiences and relationships. To address the demographic, geographic, economic, and educational barriers that prevents the masses from participating in this lifetime sport.”

The SNAG Golf PE Programme is composed of key three parts:
1) The Equipment: The SNAG Coaching Kits and Player Packs. Balls, Clubs, Targets, Tools.

2) The SNAG Coaching System Programme: Education Version (iPE), Recreation Version (GBall) and Golf Version (Mentoring).

3) Training: Certified SNAG Instructor (CSI:) Training Programme. AKA: SNAG Pro who are Parents and Grandparents, Rec Leaders, School Educators and Staff, Golf Staff and Professionals as well as Volunteers.

Equipment, Videos and Testimonials 12 Videos:

YouTube Videos and News Coverage, 1000’s of SNAG videos:

The SNAG Golf Education and Scholastic Programmes K-12
Age specific School PE Class Programmes. “No Cut” School Sport Teams for Intra-mural and Inter-school play. After school activity programmes, teams and clubs. Fundraising asset and resource.

There is a separate Teachers Manual and Lesson Plan for each of the K-12 Programmes. The Curriculum and Programme Teaching for SNAG was written and created by 3 experts in Education, Kinesiology and Golf. Dr. Robert Pangrazi ASU, Dr. Vanessa Anton NSU and Terry Anton (PGA Tour) AKA: the SNAG Daddy.

The SNAG Teaching Manuals
o Under 7 (U7) Grades: K to 3. Pre and Primary school.
o Years 8-12 U13- grades: 4 to 7. Elementary
o Over 13. Middle and High School, Post Secondary.
o Special Athletes, Diversity Languages and Gifted SNAGsters.

Special Needs Note: SNAG is effective and successful with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Para Olympic and Special Olympics Athletes and families as well as at risk youth. Importantly to SNAG Golf is that disability is the largest minority group on the planet and the only one that anyone can join, at any time.

Education Standards and Credentials
On an Educational basis the SNAG School Physical Education programme adheres to the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) guidelines and operates in accordance with the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) standards. The Canadian SNAG School PE teaching resource manuals are also available in French and online for easy updates and references. The SNAG School Programme is widely used by numerous schools districts around the world.

The SNAG Programme is closely modeled after the hugely successful United States Tennis Association Quick Start – 10 and Under Tennis. The USTA’s outstanding National Publicity programme featuring Michelle Obama, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf in TV commercials (YouTube) including U10 Tennis: “Other Sports” or featured glowingly in The Wall Street Journal Article “Golf’s Big Problem: No Kids”. In so far as both SNAG and Quick Start were both created by the same expert Dr. Pangrazi.

The SNAG School PE Programme is a new and improved version of The World Golf Foundation’s The First Tee National School Programme USA who also use the previous assortment of SNAG Golf Equipment and manuals. SNAG has undergone strict independent testing and numerous field trials with results and data formulating the 5th version of the International Golf In Schools Programme over the past 10 years. The SNAG School PE Programme is used by 44 and growing numbers of nations around the world! Including the United States of America, Scotland, and perfected in Japan. Other notable endorsements and recommendations include the National Recreation and Parks Association USA, Ryder Cup European Development Trust, PGA’s Sections USA, PGA’s of Europe, Peoples Republic of China, India and newest is the home of the 2016 Summer Olympics and Golf: Brazil!

“SNAG is the Best Physical Education Programme, Ever!” says one expert in Florida Golf Magazine.

More information on the SNAG K-12 PE Programme

Most SNAG School Programmes start at $1,299 with all ages small group coaching kit is $1,699. The Large Group Kits (32 students) start at $2,199 and go up to $2,999 for the K-12 Kit.

Funding and Fundraising
The SNAG School PE programme is actually revenue positive; with fundraising tournaments generating on average $500 each from SNAG Tournaments and all the way up to $5,000 for a great event. In most cases SNAG is free to the school and in some cases it is less than $1 per student.

SNAG Equipment starts at $109 for a Player Pack / Princess Pack. SNAG Golf School PE Kits cost less than $1 per student. Starting at $2,199 for the Small Group Starter Kit (U7or U13), or $2,999 for the All Ages K-12 Coaching Kit.

Local Golf and Training
Securing the equipment (Coaching Kit) and arranging with the individual school or school district or administration for dates for upcoming Professional Development Days. A full-day SNAG Pro or Certified SNAG Instructor (Scholastic Edition) training session for teachers for up to 5 schools Pro D day. Promote next step: After School Programmes, Summer Camps, GBall (twice a week league), Community Recreation Programmes and Family programme.

Direct Purchase – Single Source Provider
SNAG Golf Canada Tee Max Strategic Solutions a Canadian company that has the exclusive distributorship for Canada. SNAG is a “single source provider” for quotations, orders, invoices, and statements.

Action Plan
involves purchasing a $109 Player Pack (Q34R) to use in a demo. View the SNAG Buyers Guide to confirm the proper SNAG Coaching Kit for your school. Secure a quotation from SNAG Canada including: Coaching Kit, Pro D Day Training, Shipping and Tax. Pre-arrange an on property regional SNAG Master Pro to conduct a SNAG Pro training course for Pro D Day. Copy the SNAG Golf SNAG-a-School request for support, donation, participation and grants. Call golf clubs, to request 5 minutes during the next Board of Directors Meeting. Use the SNAG Player Pack to show a video and present 8-12 copies of the funding request to each of the board members and staff. Confirm the request

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